BELLO Pure Organic Ginger Premium Hair Oil 生姜护发精油 100ml


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GROW, STRENGTHEN, AND RESTORATIVE CARE for Fuller, Thicker and Stronger Hair

BELLO PURE ORGANIC PREMIUM HAIR OIL is a unique blend of cold-pressed organic oils infused with Ginger Extract & Vitamin E. This premium quality hair oil does not contain any synthetic fragrance or colors.

Benefits of Ginger Oil for hair:-
ØStimulate the blood flow of the scalp. Fatty acids of the ginger at the root are excellent for fine hair for restoration care

ØHelp Control dandruff. Ginger is an excellent remedy to eliminate dandruff.

ØStrengthens & Reducing Hair Loss. Ginger contains chains of fatty acids, such as linoleic acid to keep hair healthy and strong.

ØGinger essential oil is rich in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus that serve to nourish hair follicles. Keep hair stronger and prevent hair loss.

GINGER ESSENTIAL HAIR OIL is a no-rinse, leave-on treatment. Applied directly to the scalp for ultimate growth results.
Apply a few drops to the scalp throughout wet or dry hair. Use your fingertips to massage to the scalp that helps with stimulation.

Argan Oil, Ginger Extract, Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isododecane, Omega-6 Omega-9, Adenosine Oil.

要拥有浓密的秀发就从BELLO 生姜护发精油开始。


产后脱发的烦恼。 产后脱发是一种常见的现象,大多数女性在分娩之后都会出现脱发的现象,
用 BELLO 姜系列的洗发,护发产品能你不在为脱发烦恼。


BELLO 生姜护发精油是一种免冲洗, 直接涂抹在头皮上即可。在头皮上( 湿发或干发)滴几滴在用指尖按摩,有助于刺激头皮,焕活头皮生机。



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