Puracy Natural Orange & Aloe Pet Shampoo (473Ml)


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Great for your furry family. Gentle & Non-Toxic, won’t irritate, cleans well & eliminates odors.

The purrfect shampoo for every coat of fur. No matter the fur, Natural Pet Shampoo makes it cleaner, softer, and better using safe & effective, naturally-derived ingredients.

Fortified with Biotin for proactive coat health, specifically pH-balanced for pets, enhanced with zinc-based odor eliminators, with aloe & oatmeal moisturizers. Never any sulfates, harsh irritants, or petroleum-based bad stuff.
Sometimes we all get a little too excited to bathe & get clean, so we crafted a shampoo safe enough to swim in. The non-toxic, plant-based, 99.7% natural ingredients are gentle on sensitive areas (like eyes or digestion), but still tough on dirt & odor. Plus, pH-balanced means it’s guaranteed to agree with your pet’s skin itself, with no worry about irritation or dryness. So don’t fret about keeping the shampoo or suds away from your pet’s adorable face, and focus instead on the fun of bath time.

2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner.

One bottle does a whole lot: with more coconut-based moisturizers than shampoo alone, Natural Pet Shampoo acts as both an effective shampoo & light conditioner, helping save you time and hassle.

Thoroughly rinse your furry companion from top to bottom. Apply soap directly to their coat and massage thoroughly to produce a rich foam. Rinse thoroughly



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