OURNXI Facial Serum [欧润皙面部精华液] (4 x 6ml)

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OURNXI Facial Serum【欧润皙面部精华液】(4 x 6ml)
An Essence that takes care of wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin.
👍 Idebenone is used which may help to improve the appearance of aging skin through its antioxidant effects, protecting the skin from damage. Reduce the visible signs of aging
👍 Peptides can penetrate skin more easily. Peptides also make up elastin and keratin, two proteins that are essential for skin and hair health.

OURNXI Facial Essence is the perfect serum for preventing and treating aging skin.
Key Benefits
👍 Improves skin elasticity
👍 Contains Idebenone – an anti-wrinkle ingredient

How to Use
Dispense a dime-sized amount onto clean fingertips. Starting at the neck, use small circular upward motions to massage the essence into the skin until fully absorbed.

1) 改善细纹
2) 收紧毛孔
3) 弹润透亮
4) 舒缓修护
5) 强韧屏障

艾地苯- 有抗养成分可以抗击皮肤老化,有效修护肌肤,让肌肤年轻焕亮
焕颜胎 – 帮助润抚细纹, 增加肌肤的透明亮度,紧实毛孔,维持肌肤光滑细腻



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